Saturday, November 28, 2009

ice-cream durian


ini update utk ice-cream..

yeah, agak sedap la jadinya ice-cream tu..habis satu box ptg raya jugak, then apa lagi terus la buat stock baru..hehehhe..sapa2 nak makan, silalah dtg rumah.. ;)

sy buat simple ja..just blend equal cup of durian flesh with fresh milk..then keep it in refrigerator. once it start to freeze, take it out, blend it again (i'm too lazy to scoop out the ice-cream from the tank, so i simply used hand mixer instead of blender)...just keep on freeze and blend for few times as it will become smoother if we blend it for many simple as that and you will end up with something like this...

i like this one so's kind of healthy too since u don't add on extra sugar to the ice-cream except for that chocolate rice (that one just for decoration la konon! ^_^)..

yeah, no extra sugar, just from the durian and milk!

u can replace the durian with something else that may be easily available at ur perhaps..? or apple..?..hrmm i am wondering how the taste would be..

i used durian because i want to clear out my mak's durian stock that already stored in her ice box for quite some time. We desperately need more space for daging korban...hahah..maklumlah peti sejuk kecik ja...huhuu

okies, jumpa lagi...


naba the mutant said...

rajinnyer...siap promote psl tahap kesihatan lg....hahaha!

srar said...

zaman skrg ni kan semua org dh pandai jaga, kena la promote lebih2 lagi..tambh2 bila family dh kuat genetik 'kilang gula dlm badan'...hahahhh

Anonymous said...

nangka boleh??

Siti Nurfazilah said...

haaa..blk cni ley tapau sket kt

srar said...

akakdokter: nangka? hrmm gud idea, bleh try tue..mesti sedap!!
ilah:hehe kompem la cair ice-cream tu kalo nk bwk ke penang tu! *_*