Sunday, October 31, 2010

shinjuku gyoen national garden

shinjyuku gate
bald cypress with it's aerial root
maple tree showing it's earliest autumn leaves

japanese traditional garden


pakcik makcik sibuk melukis~

moving to french formal garden
what do we have in french garden? only trees?
double delight..this one remind me of vanilla and strawberry ice-cream
romeo tau nama ros ni..jgn tak tau!
arabesque kembang~

playboy pun ada..
rose beds in french garden
picnic at the english landscape garden
this garden is quite big, offer really great landscape. i went there with my Suma***, Thai who was on her last week of so called 'research training'. It was too early to experience the breathtaking illumination of autumn leaves but we still managed to enjoy great landscape offered by this national garden.

I will definitely be here again in few weeks time to spend my sunday morning away from lab. Special exhibition on chrysanthemum will be held starting from 1st to 15th nov., which is must go event of the year! hopefully at that time, the beauty of the colorful autumn leaves are ready to be enjoyed.


fiezaradzi said...

cam tgk drama jepun plak.. hikhikhik

naba the mutant said...

good for your health...jalan byk2 keliling garden yg tersangat la besaq tu sambil cuti2 mata...ada makcik pakcik saja ka? hehehe!

srar said...

kfiza: aah, mmg cam drama..best3

kna: hehhe, exercise la kononnya..>than 2hrs berjlan2..pstu, piknik bwh pokok, the end, gain more than lost!hahahhampeh!