Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Left: come, come here.
Right: yes, what’s up?
Left: here, look at this blog. Do you know anything about this blog?
Right: should I know? I am not a blog hopper like you.
Left: yeah, right.
Right: what is so interesting about this blog?
Left: err, almost nothing. She posted something that only reflects good side of her. See? Everything is good, delicious, yummy, great etc. I don’t think she is really that good.
Right: ishh, you shouldn’t say something like that. I can see that she tried her best to get something good to share with others.
Left: hahahah, come on. Don’t be too nice Right! I bet she will have her bad hair day too. It’s impossible to be perfect every time you work on something. I want her to show her imperfection. 
Right: imperfection?
Left: yeah, why not? Something likes this perhaps: 

Right: waaa, what is that? Oh oh, I know! I know! It’s a turtle right? Oh, no. It’s too small to be turtles. O yeah, it’s a group of tortoise.  Wow! She is having tortoise as a pet. What a wonderful life she had!
Left: LOL (laugh out loud). Why don’t you look at this second photo?

Right: oh oh no! It’s curry puff.
Left: Hahahha, it’s so embarrassed! These are definitely scariest things I ever seen in my life! I am really sure that all curry puff maker will be very happy after seeing this photo. It’s nothing compared to their nicely shape super delicious home made curry puff isn’t it?
Right: Erkkk, but that is what you want right?
Left: what?
Right: imperfection. Satisfied?
Left: more than you can ever imagine!
End of story~

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