Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sagano Romantic Train


second day at Kyoto (around november 2012)

We stayed at Aishah house and early in morning around 7.30 am, we catch a bus to the Torokko Tameoka station to board on Romantic Train. The bus stop was very far from the station so we had to walk for more than 30 minutes to get there. I and Yani were so exhausted, our leg were still very painful, thanks to the few hours trip made the night before for walking and climbing the shrine. 

luckily, the view was great!

vegetable and paddy field along the way to the station

at the station. people line up to get the earliest ride. It was 9.15 in the morning and was already crowded with mostly local people

Torokko Kameoka station with love XOXO

area around station, before boarding. 

25 minutes journey, moments to remember

The Sagano Sight-seeing tram course offer spectacular autumn view along the way from Kameoka Torokko station to Arashiyama Torokko station

inside of the romance car in the romantic train. I seriously have not idea why they give it such a name. this train also have another section with everything covered just like normal train. only this so called romance car has no window, thus offer wider coverage for outside viewing.

Romantic Train operating since 1991, owh okay much younger than me..

i love the painting so much! vibrant color and it gave a very warm and nice feeling.

people waiting in line to buy ticket for romance train ride

outside of the station

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fiezaradzi said...

biasa pemandangan kat kampung tu tgk dlm tv je, hampir sama dgn kampung2 kat korea...

si.ra said...

oo yekah? hari tu sy p korea jln2 bandar saja jadi xtau plak suasana kg mcm mn. hehe hari ni baru tau. so, dah boleh bayang..hehhe..apapun, kg diorg ada bendang jugak cumanya bendangnya sangat kemas dan teratur. sstgh tempat, batas bendang pon buat dari konkrit..