Sunday, January 2, 2011

good things always come with great reasons!

i want to share something today..

okay, if you a good observant you can see that i always published story that actually taken either few days or few weeks or even few months ago..heheheh, i don't feel like writing when i have interesting things in hand but just keep on scribble everythings in my mind. 

i want to share few things that i received from my sensei since i enter the lab. 
1- sweaters for winter, used one but still in very good condition. woohoooo i will have sensei by my side even at home!
2- fruit juice, chocolate, biscuits or senbei when i stay back or stay in the lab during weekend.
assorted kinds of rice cracker (senbei)

kuih tak tau apa nama tapi rasa macam kuih kcang yg biasanya ada masa raya saja..
3- this one seems to be hilarious okay. it is a pack of rice!

we had lunch together one day and discussed about rice in japan. i love rice in japan, its kind of suit my liking, perfect to go with curry and even perfect for making nasi lemak..i told her that the one that i am consuming is the cheapest that i can get from my neighbourhood and it is actually grade F..hoohoh, i dont really mind about it as long as it taste good. good for stomach and better for my pocket..few days after our discussion she handed this pack of rice to me. i was so shocked and of course didn't expect anything like this! hahhaha, she said that this is her parents favourite and she insisted me to try them and experience how 'expensive' rice taste like..

okay, it is not great things to brag about but still i think that her action is just too sweet..heehhe maybe because i listen to her very well, working very hard even during holiday. yeah, why should i go for holiday if i have sooooo many things to do in the lab? i am not here for money but i am here for knowledge! There are people out there asking me to enjoy my holiday, stay away from the lab especially during new year holiday..hahahha, i personally think that this kind of suggestion is too funny..what is in your mind huh? how can you stay calm and relax while we are actually running out of time? you keep on reminding us that we have to work hard to get away from this first chapter of research but yet you are the one who don't work hard enough! Yes, i don't mind working on holiday because i don't see any reason for having holiday. well, i am not celebrating new year as japanese did! 
 I have to work hard so that at the end of the day i can go for shopping without any guilty..hahahahhah, i need a very goooood excuse for shopping, very great reason to reward myself..and for my success in making vector for our expression experiment, i did some shopping particularly on winter jacket and shoes..heheheh, this is my first time shopping for winter shoes and it was so fun! i went to shibuya with yanie and we had really great moment together. we tried most of the shoes on display and can't stop laughing because those boots look really funny on us! 'mcm nk p bendang pon ada'-said yanie when i tried one of the boots..hahhahaha hampeh! after all it was really great moment and i ended up with this shoes..ehhhehhe thanks yanie for your year i will be the one who will help you carry your shopping bag okay..

a very cute bag for my lappy 8)


yanie said...

nice winter shoes...hahaa
still teringat2 on that day,kelakar gileer...hihii

srar said...

hahhaha tula, asyik dok gelak kt diri sendiri ja ms mmg nmpk kelakar sgt pon..
xsabar nk tunggu yanie dtg nnt..leh kita shoping sama2 lg 8)

cik syue said...

comelnya beg lappy u tuuuu ^^