Tuesday, January 4, 2011

piece of hardwork~

i used to knit when i was 12 years old, learnt it from my classmates after finished our UPSR examination. heheh, at that time almost everyone in the class became addicted  to knit. I can hardly remember who started the whole knit fever but as far as i can remember everyone was working hard on their own masterpiece. At that time, i managed to make a pink bag enough to carry small bottle of mineral water. ..ehheh what a nice memory..

Last autumn when cold air started to show up in tokyo, most of 100yen shop started to sell things for knit. Different kind of threads, needles and even instruction books. I didn't give so much attention to this knit things at first because i am really sure that i am no longer have an ability to do knit. I tried it before but i failed so i told myself not to waste money over things that i can't do.

But, last few weeks i keep on thinking about trying on knit again. 'Well, it will not kill your wallet if you just spend few hundred yen on those things'. that is what i keep on telling myself and because of that i took the challenge and i bought these necessary  items for knit. 

in just less than one hour i managed to get  back my skill! woooo i am so surprise and impressed with myself..hohohoh, nothing to brag about since i am just making simplest thing in the world which is shawl..yeee, really great for winter. i love the texture of the thread so much. it is really soft, fluffy and really make me feel warm..

i am so glad that this small project turn out to be useful and very good stuff for winter. 

~well, never stop trying okay~


yanie said...

waa, pandainya nyer zilaa kait..
best2 leh guna waktu winter time..hihii

srar said...

heheh just cuba2 ja ni..perfect for winter tp sgt la x kemas! kalau letak di kedai ni mesti org xnak beli..hahaha