Saturday, December 29, 2012

autumn around kyoto city

salam everyone,

last month, i and my travel partner yani when to Kyoto to visit and join our friend aishah to enjoy wonderful autumn foliage around kyoto. we first travel to area around Kurama by Eizan Kurama Line from Demachi-Yanagi Station and stop at the final station. we spend half of our day there before heading to kyoto city.

i have learned from the internet that kyoto has one cafe that serve halal beef and chicken and I was of course very excited about it. luckily, aishah knew the place and it is located quite close to kyoto university main campus. so, we when to the Rose Cafe to satisfy ourself with chicken-beef-based-kebab with rice, simple yet delicious salad and tomato soup. It was a blessing lunch as we had it in a very modern, warm and cozy cafe. a great way to take a break and satisfied your hunger!

after lunch, we headed to kyoto university main campus and walk around campus. later, we took a subway and when straight to another main attraction, must visit place for autumn leaves viewing which is Tofukuji Temple. As expected, the place was very crowded from the station to the main momiji or maple tree area. everyone was very excited and tried to get their best position to capture wonderful moment with red-golden-yellow-green autumn leaves. We were of course very excited too! well, who can resist to enjoy perfect creation by Allah, right? seriously, we felt that we had made a very right decision to travel to kyoto as it was the best moment we had with momiji leaves. it is so different from tokyo!

i will upload pictures taken in tofukuji in next entry.


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