Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall in love again 8)

am too preoccupied with this new collection. These books were written by John Grisham; thanks to my cousin who introduced the The Innocent Man to me. TIM had caught my attention, and I am now craving for more John Grisham's book. Luckily, my lab is close to secondhand bookstore. I can stop by anytime I want and strolling on their wide selection of books. Secondhand books in Japan look like brand new. There is no stain, no damage at all. It is totally an absolute bargain, one book for only 350yen. 

If you happen to be in Tokyo and looking for English book, please go to Bookoff in Shirokanedai. Nearest station is Shirokanedai on Namboku Line.

Now, everyone can read!

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fiezaradzi said...

bestnya de kedai buku 2nd hand.. wish kat msia pun ada.. hehe.. mungkin ada, cuma xtau kat mana..