Wednesday, March 27, 2013

spring 2013 at Shinjuku Park

salam semua,

Last sunday, (24march2013), I and my best travel partner visited The Shinjuku Park, Tokyo. It was my second visit to the park during spring for cherry blossom viewing.

we had a very simple and sweet ‘hanami’ at the centre of the garden. simple by just sitting on the grass without any picnic mat; sweet with just some fresh strawberries and Japanese sweet.

We had a very great day, managed to see different species of sakura and one of the species is someiyoshino. Someiyoshino is the earliest sakura to bloom and it is a common species available throughout Japan. It is also widely use in Japanese confectionary. I was introduced to sakura mochi or Japanese sweet wrapped with pickled sakura leaves by my lab-mates and to be honest, I like the taste so much. The leaves have sour and salty taste and it blends well to the sweet taste of the red beans. A perfect sweet to enjoy under sakura trees! I am going to search for sakura tea after this. I read somewhere from the internet that sakura flower is also edible; perfect for tea and jam.

Okay, enough said. Let’s have a look at the pictures taken at the park. Hope you guys enjoy it as I did!

boleh tengok sakura mochi dari sini. 210 yen dari ameyoko, ueno, tokyo, japan :) 

sampai ketemu lagi..

wassalam :)

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